Criminal investigation & Lab

Polis-Service is a distributor of Foster + Freeman and BVDA in Belgium.


Foster + Freeman is an English company specialized in technology for document research:

  • Integrity of documents such as pasports, visas, traveling documents, banknotes, entry permits, etc.
  • Making visible of differences in ink and differences of imprint on overlying documents
  • Research of fysical evidence such as glass residues
  • Research of fingerprints, footprints, tire tracks, etc.
  • Research of the crime scene, using forensic light sources



BVDA is a ducth company with specialisation in products for the finding, making visible and securing of traces left behind at a crime scene. The solutions that are being offered are aimed at:

  • Research of finger, shoe, tire, tool, micro and biological traces
  • Research: post mortem, ultraviolet, narcotics
  • Consumer items: products for suspect photography, magnifiers, packaging matarials, protection and hygiene, tools and instruments, marking and registration